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TIM: Anna Spinelli new Chief Procurement & Real Estate Officer

09/04/2018 - 08:30 AM

TIM announces that Anna Spinelli joins the Group as Chief Procurement & Real Estate Officer.

Reporting directly to CEO Amos Genish, Anna Spinelli will be responsible for ensuring vendor assessment activities and management of the acquisition process at Group level, monitoring products and services purchasing markets and the management of material flows by defining stock targets, regular procurement and overseeing handling, aiming at overall optimisation of requirements and of economic and financial operating profits.

The Procurement Department also safeguards the optimisation and development of the Group’s property assets by providing property, agency, big site management, planning, construction, use and maintenance activities.


Anna Spinelli has extensive experience in this area covering positions of responsibility for major international and national companies such as FIAT, BMW, General Motors and more recently the Philips Group.


Anna Spinelli does not hold any company shares. 

CV attached.

Rome, 4 September 2018


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