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TIM: Stefano Siragusa new Chairman of TI Sparkle and Riccardo Delleani appointed Chief Executive Officer

04/05/2018 - 11:30 AM

The Shareholders' Meeting of TI Sparkle S.p.A., which took place yesterday, resolved to renew the Board of Directors for the financial years 2018-2020, appointing the following Directors:


  1. Stefano Siragusa
  2. Riccardo Delleani
  3. Roberto Moro
  4. Michela Mossini
  5. Ettore Spigno


The Board of Directors, meeting at the close of the Shareholders' Meeting, then appointed Stefano Siragusa as Chairman and Riccardo Delleani as Chief Executive Officer.



Rome, 5 April 2018


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