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Strategic TIM-Mediaset agreement on TV content

All Mediaset free-to-air channels on demand for TIMVISION customers with options for pausing, rewinding, re-starting programmes and accessing the programming of the previous week made available online by Mediaset

05/10/2018 - 11:50 AM

TIM and Mediaset have reached a strategic agreement that will allow TIMVISION customers to watch all Mediaset free-to-air channels and with access to the programming from the previous 7 days as made available online by Mediaset.


With over 1.5 subscribers, TIMVISION boosts its extensive catalogue already offering films and TV series – both through agreements with the main international majors and the company’s own productions and co-productions – along with contents and news bulletins from main Italian and international players. Recently, TIM has signed an important strategic agreement with Vision Distribution to offer TIMVISION subscribers the best Italian cinema.

The new accord marks a further step forward in the content strategy set out in the DigiTIM Plan, focused on delivering the maximum value to TIM customers combining the top television experience with the best connectivity.

Launching in January 2019, all TIMVISION subscribers will have access to the online programming by Canale5, Italia1 and Retequattro, as well as the free-to-air themed channels La5, TGCom24, Mediaset Extra, 20, Iris, Italia2 and Top Crime, along with Focus that will start broadcasting in mid-May.

The agreement further enriches the features and offer of the TIM BOX decoder, already enabling viewers to pause, re-start programmes from the start and watch it whenever they like. From January this platform that provides the viewer with simple, immediate access to programme schedules, is enriched with a new and improved TV offer.


The agreement with Mediaset proves TIM’s commitment to strengthen its TIMVISION offer, pursuing with determination our policy of creating alliances with the best players on the market. We are the new TV and we will continue to broaden our content offer. As well as major sporting events, exclusive premieres, films and TV series that are already available, we are now adding on-demand access to the standard programme scheduling. In doing this we are giving our customers a really easy way to watch their favourite programmes as and when they want” - stated Daniela Biscarini, Head of Multimedia Entertainment at TIM.



Rome, 10 May 2018


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