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The second slate of candidates for the renewal of the Board of Statutory Auditors has been filed

03/30/2018 - 06:23 PM

TIM announces that, in view of the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, called for 24 April 2018 (single call), to resolve on – inter alia – the appointment of the Company’s Board of Statutory Auditors, a group of asset management companies and international investors (duly entitled according to the law and the Bylaws) filed today the following slate of candidates:

Candidates for Standing Auditor position

  1.  Roberto Capone                born in Milano on 30 November 1955
  2.  Anna Doro                        born in Firenze on 5 September 1965

Candidates for Alternate Auditor position

  1.  Franco Dalla Sega            born in Trento on 12 June 1960
  2.  Laura Fiordelisi                 born in Bordighera (Imperia) on 13 August 1974

In the next days, the detailed information and documentation required by the applicable regulations (in particular: curricula vitae and candidate declarations) will be made available to the public at the Company offices, on the TIM website at www.telecomitalia.com/agm, as well as on the website of the storage platform at www.1info.it.


Rome, 30 March 2018


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