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07/03/2018 - 11:00 AM

TIM has signed an important strategic agreement with main players in the Italian telecoms infrastructure sector. The agreement is part of the procurement optimisation project set out in the DigiTIM Strategic Plan presented last March and is expected to result in cost savings as well as efficiencies in the planning and implementation of various orders for the development of the fibre network in Italy.

The service contract, with a variable duration of between 3 and 5 years starting from 2019, has been signed with Sirti, Sielte, Ceit, Sittel, Valtellina, Site; it includes both the maintenance and construction of part of the fibre and copper network and the delivery of the service to the end client.

The agreement was signed by TIM’s CEO, Amos Genish, and is consistent with the Strategic Plan, offering long term security for the suppliers, while at the same time confirming the same employment levels for the TLC works sector.

Amos Genish, CEO of TIM, commented
“We are particularly satisfied with the agreement signed with our partners, which shows that we are on the right path in implementing our strategic plan which, amongst other things, provides for greater productivity and better services for our customers. With this agreement, the shared path undertaken with our main suppliers will allow TIM and other players in the sector to identify the best industrial strategy for the short and long term."

The financial savings for 2018 are confirmed, some of which have already been achieved and will be more evident in the second half of the year mainly through efficiencies and productivity levels that the suppliers will reach thanks to the DigiTIM strategy, which is focused on the automation and digitisation of production processes that are already being implemented across TIM’s platforms and that will also be undertaken by suppliers.

Over the coming weeks, TIM will also initiate discussions to establish a common system agreement with other second-tier suppliers as well.

Rome, 3 July 2018


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