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The Board is called for 21 October to deliberate on the replacement

09/26/2019 - 06:02 PM

TIM’s Board of Directors met today for an update on the status of the most significant dossiers the Company's offices are considering.

The Board received the resignation of Fulvio Conti who stepped down as Chairman of the Board and Director of the Company as of the end of the meeting. Mr. Conti stated that he believes his mandate has been completed, in light of the Board achieved stability in its operations and the renewed focus on creation of sustainable value for all the Company’s stakeholders.

The entire Board of Directors thanked Mr Conti for his commitment and the efforts spent toward this significant achievement, acknowledging the positive contribution, the complete correctness, the institutional sensible approach and respect for the rules during his mandate in the interest of the Company, its shareholders and all stakeholders.

The Board is called for 21 October 2019 to deliberate on his replacement, following the reintegration of the Board in its original number.  This shall follow the code of self-discipline that attributes to the Nominations and Remuneration Committee the duty to carry out a search to identify an independent Director. In the meantime, as per the Company’s bylaws, Director Valensise will act as Chairman, as the senior director.

Mr. Conti qualified as an independent director and was an ex-officio member of the Strategic Committee. As of today, he personally owns 225,003 TIM ordinary shares.

Rome, 26 September 2019


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