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TIM: Giovanni Ronca appointed Chairman of Olivetti

TIM Group’s CFO also takes on a new role

07/25/2019 - 07:48 PM

TIM announces that Giovanni Ronca, Chief Financial Officer of TIM Group, has been appointed Chairman of the Olivetti company.
His CV is available on the website

Olivetti, heritage brand of the Italian industry, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TIM Group and their Digital Pole. It operates in the domestic and international markets, as a totally innovative and evolving company. With a wide range of cutting-edge HW and SW products, Olivetti operates as a Solution Provider, offering solutions that can automate business processes and activities for SMEs, major companies and vertical market. Thanks to the leadership in the Retail and Office area and the know-how in the Internet of Things, Clouds, Big Data, Machine to Machine and advanced multichannel sectors, Olivetti today has a distinctive positioning of skills in the field of digital innovation and a significant commercial presence in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.

Rome, 25 July 2019


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