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Sapienza, TIM and Google: the “AI Academy” is created, the training alliance par excellence for Artificial Intelligence

The partnership aims to redesign the business models, leveraging the potential of AI

In January the first advanced training course dedicated to perfecting multidisciplinary science areas

11/16/2020 - 01:10 PM

Sapienza University of Rome, TIM and Google launch the “AI Academy”, the training alliance par excellence, in which business, academia and research work together to train innovative, highly qualified professional figures in the field of Artificial Intelligence, who can pool their technological and scientific knowledge to the service of the Public Administration, research centres and businesses.

Thanks to the close collaboration and synergy between the knowledge of one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, La Sapienza of Rome, and the experience of two companies of the calibre of TIM and Google, training will be highly qualified and aimed at perfecting multidisciplinary science areas. It starts with the impact of AI on the design and management of social-health emergencies and runs through to reflections on the ethics and legal and regulatory aspects of technological innovation and technical and strategic skills applied to business. The initiative is in line with the route embarked on by TIM with the “Operazione Risorgimento Digitale”, the project shared with more than 30 leading partners and aiming to spread the digital culture throughout the country, and with Google’s “Italia in Digitale”, the new plan launched in Italy to speed up the economic recovery through training projects, tools and partnerships to support businesses and people in search of employment opportunities.

“AI Academy” training is open to new graduates and professionals operating in businesses, who can help redesign business models to put the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to good use, combining humanistic, scientific and technological knowledge.

December will see the unveiling of the training courses and January will mark the start-up of the advanced training course on “Artificial Intelligence for Crisis & Emergency Management in Medicine, with the aim of transferring the skills necessary to manage social-health crises and emergency situations using the most advanced technology available. The advanced training course on “Ethics, Rights and Policies of Artificial Intelligence” will follow in the first quarter of 2021, set to analyse the potential of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in terms of the impact on society, to guarantee that their development and application to everyday life is inspired by guarantees of public ethics.

In the spring, the specialised course on “AI Strategies & Business Applications” will start, dedicated to only professionals operating in the company, to understand the opportunities offered by adopting Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, assessing the risks and estimating the costs.

The “AI Academy” will promote cultural contamination and, through its multidisciplinary training offer, which combines technology, ethics, philosophy, sustainability and care for the community, it aims to create feedback circuits that can maximise the positive impacts of AI on the social fabric. Testimonies of excellence, opinion leaders, institutional representatives and representatives of the public and private world will animate the debate and go towards sensitising the institutional bodies towards a more in-depth understanding of the scenarios opened up by AI.

With the “AI Academy”, Sapienza, TIM and Google confirm their commitment to excellent training in our country at one of the times in history of greatest transformation and innovation, when a greater capacity for updating is called for and the ability to make the most of all opportunities offered up by the post-COVID re-start.  The study and application of Artificial Intelligence are, in fact, a driver that can offer answers to the complexities and contradictions that have become evident during the health crisis, launching us not only towards a new vision and evolution of human, economic, technological and infrastructural resources, but also the design of new solutions to face up to the world that will be.


Rome, 16 November 2020


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