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TIM Board of Directors

02/27/2020 - 07:08 PM

TIM’s Board of Directors met today chaired by Salvatore Rossi for an update on the project aimed at evaluating possible forms of integration between TIM’s and Open Fiber’s optical fibre networks, a project appreciated and supported by national institutions - as evidenced by the significant statement made yesterday by the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri - as it would accelerate the development of the fibre network and consequently end the digital divide still existing in many areas of the country, avoiding duplication of investments that are already very expensive in themselves.

On the matter, the Board of Directors appreciated the work done in these months and positively took note of the non-binding offer presented by the fund KKR to be the exclusive partner of TIM in the development of the fibre network.

The Board of Directors also acknowledged that the Chief Executive Officer will inform the institutional bodies about the progress of discussions with the various actors involved, in line with the Golden Power legislation, and will at the same time continue the talks necessary to this end.

Rome, 27 February 2020



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