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TIM: the first fibre supply for FiberCop is all-Italian

Ecotel, Metallurgica Bresciana, Prysmian, Technikabel and Tratos win the first FTTH cabling lot

10/22/2020 - 02:45 PM

TIM has closed the first tender for the supply of optic fibre cables in support of the FTTH cabling plan of FiberCop, the TIM Group company called to transform the secondary network, namely that running from the cabinets to the homes of Italians.

The contract has been awarded to five Italian companies: Ecotel, Metallurgica Bresciana, Prysmian, Technikabel and Tratos. The supply should cover the needs of FiberCop for the first two years of business.

During award, the winning companies confirmed that the development of the cables, the cut to length, quality control and storage are all carried out within their company, at production and certification facilities and warehouses situated on national territory.

With this operation, TIM confirms its commitment in support of the country and its entrepreneurial fabric, with the aim of optimising the excellence and quality of Italian production to develop a strategic infrastructure for digitisation, which demands top performance and efficiency.


Rome, 22 October 2020


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