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TIM: fibre optic rolled out to another 500 municipalities in August

The number of municipalities provided with ultrabroadband coverage in just six months has risen to over 2,500, mainly concentrated in rural or sparsely populated areas

TIM's commitment to close the digital divide in Italy by 2021 continues

09/03/2020 - 11:56 AM

TIM's commitment to speed up its ultrabroadband coverage plan and provide fast internet to an ever increasing number of families and businesses continued unabated also in August. In the last month, in fact, the fibre optic network has been extended to another 500 municipalities throughout the country, concentrated above all in the “white areas.”

Thanks to this latest infrastructural boost, over 2,500 municipalities, in just six months, have benefited from TIM’s ultrabroadband interventions aimed at extending the possibility of working, browsing at high speed and using TV and entertainment services to all Italians.

The intensification of the cabling programmes and the strengthening of the network implemented by the company since the beginning of March has provided a concrete response to the growing need for connectivity mainly in rural areas or with low population density throughout the country, and has ensured the continuation of all activities such as smart working and online teaching. In just a few months, this action has led to the achievement of a significant step in overcoming the digital divide in the country, which TIM wants to fill by 2021.

Moreover, in the months ahead TIM will continue to give strong impetus to its cabling programmes, bringing fibre to 90% of families nationwide by December. Specifically, more than 5,000 municipalities will be reached by the plan, many of which in the "white areas", that is 74% of households living in those areas and using the fixed network.

To ensure ultrabroadband connections in municipalities that do not yet have access to fibre, TIM has confirmed its commitment also thanks to the use of FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology, which employs a hybrid system of cable and wireless connections to offer connectivity services via ultrabroadband.


Rome, 3 September 2020


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