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‘Operazione Risorgimento Digitale’ strengthens the commitment to the spread of on-line skills

From the town squares of Italy to digital venues, the first classes of the internet school are opening to all citizens to learn about the true potential of the internet and simplify people’s lives through the everyday use of new technologies and applications

11/17/2020 - 02:30 PM

Operazione Risorgimento Digitale’ renews with proposals for new on-line training to assist citizens with their use of the internet at these delicate times, to make the most of all the opportunities and advantages offered up by digital life and simplify people’s lives through the everyday use of new technologies and applications.

The programme was launched a year ago by TIM, with a large mobile school that crossed Italy and that today involves more than thirty public and private partners. It has now been strengthened with the launch of new, free-of-charge on-line courses open to everyone.

Thus the first 18 classes start today under the scope of the course ‘Migliorare la vita nel digitale’ (Improving life in digital) that envisages a weekly webinar of approximately an hour, with 60 tutors and teachers ready to explain how the internet can offer concrete support in our everyday lives.

More specifically, the topics dealt with in the first four events will be:

  1. Il digitale in tasca’ (Digital in the pocket), to optimise and customise device configurations, find out about digital tools like clouds, anti-viruses, passwords and PINs;
  2. Pagamenti digitali in sicurezza’ (Secure digital payments), to securely manage home banking, e-commerce and on-line shopping;
  3. ‘Io, Cittadino digitale’ (I, digital citizen), to find out more about PA instruments and improve everyday life: from SPID to PagoPA and Electronic Medical Records;
  4. Salute e benessere on line’ (Health and well-being on-line), an introduction to applications for health, well-being and free time, as well as the world of medicine, which changes with digital.

Moreover, content will also be made available to be used in e-learning, in-depth materials, tests and drills. At the end of the course, for participants so wishing, the level of knowledge achieved will be tested through a questionnaire and a certificate issued attesting to the skills acquired.

The on-line school promoted by Operazione Risorgimento Digitale, which uses the Google Workspace platform and involves the collaboration of Fondazione Mondo Digitale, targets people of all ages resident in all regions of Italy, who can take part without any specific starting knowledge as long as they have sufficient mastery of use of the most important devices and, above all, a desire to discover new instruments and applications to fully experience the digital society.

The initiative confirms the role played by TIM and its partners to speed up the dissemination of digital competences in the country. It is a commitment pursued in synergy with more than 30 excellent public and private partners, trade associations, the voluntary sector and major players in the field of social innovation, aimed at narrowing the country's cultural digital divide.

To access the courses and learn more about the project please visit:


Rome, 17 November 2020


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