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TIM: fibre optic rolled out to another 263 municipalities in November

The number of municipalities involved ultrabroadband cabling initiatives rises to approximately 3,250 in just 9 months

Interventions mainly focussed on rural or sparsely populated areas

TIM’s commitment to bridge the digital divide in Italy by 2021 continues

12/14/2020 - 11:25 AM

TIM’s commitment to speed up ultrabroadband (UBB) coverage of the whole of national territory and reach an increasingly large basin of families and businesses with fast internet, continues tirelessly. In November, the fibre optic network was extended to another 263 municipalities, above all concentrated in the country’s “white areas”, namely the rural or sparsely populated areas.

This takes the total number of Italian municipalities that have, in just nine months, benefited from interventions by TIM to ensure UBB network coverage to 3,250 with the aim of providing a concrete, immediate response to the connectivity needs of the whole country and thereby allow an increasing number of citizens to use services accessible via the internet, such as smart working, distance schooling and video and entertainment content.

The speeding up of the cabling programmes and the strengthening of the network assured by the company from early March to date has successfully yielded significant results, in a very short space of time, in terms of overcoming the digital divide that TIM is looking to bridge by the end of 2021.

Apulia will be the first Italian region to achieve this important goal by December this year, with virtually the entire population covered by ultrabroadband.

TIM is also continuing to intensify its cabling programmes nationwide in order to bring optical fibre to 90% of households that use the fixed network by the end of the year, concentrating its efforts mainly in rural or sparsely populated areas of the country. Thanks to the sharp acceleration in infrastructure rollout accomplished since the start of the emergency phase up until now, TIM’s ultrabroadband services are currently available in over 5,000 Italian municipalities for the benefit of citizens, businesses and public administration.

To ensure UBB connections in municipalities that do not yet have access to fibre, TIM has also confirmed its commitment to the dissemination of FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology, which employs a hybrid system of cable and wireless connections.

TIM has also recently stipulated a strategic agreement with Eutelsat Communications to expand its range of ultrabroadband services through satellite technology, in line with the objective of thus also covering the more isolated and remote areas of the country. 


Rome, 14 December 2020


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