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TIM: fibre optic rolled out to over 2,700 municipalities in seven months

Work continued in the “white areas” in September to close the digital divide in Italy by 2021

Cabling work was done in a further 200 municipalities across the country

10/03/2020 - 11:00 AM

In just seven months, around 2,700 Italian municipalities have benefited from TIM’s work to expand ultrabroadband coverage and allow an increasing number of households and businesses to access a fast Internet service. In September, the company continued to intensify its FTTC technology cabling work, mainly concentrated in the so-called "white areas" of the country, as a result of which the fibre optic network was extended to other 200 municipalities across the country.

TIM's commitment to overcoming the digital divide in Italy by 2021 continues, extending to all Italians the opportunity to work and study remotely, surf the net at high speed and take advantage of TV and entertainment services. TIM's ultrabroadband services are currently available in over 4,700 Italian municipalities for the benefit of citizens, businesses and public administration.

TIM will also continue to intensify its cabling programs in the coming months, bringing fibre by December to 90% of households nationwide that use the fixed network, in order to provide an effective response to the growing demands for connectivity, mainly from rural or sparsely populated areas of the country. Specifically, more than 5,000 municipalities will be reached by the end of the year, many of them in "white areas", enabling around 75% of households in those areas that use a fixed network to benefit from digital technology.

To ensure ultrabroadband connections in municipalities that do not yet have access to fibre, TIM has confirmed its commitment also thanks to the use of FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) technology, which employs a hybrid system of cable and wireless connections to offer connectivity services via ultrabroadband.


Rome, 3 October 2020


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