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TIM: asset management companies have filed their slates for the renewal of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors

03/03/2021 - 08:10 PM

TIM announces that, in view of the ordinary Shareholders' Meeting called for 31 March 2021 (single call), to resolve upon, inter alia, the appointment of the Company’s Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors, a group of asset management companies filed today the following slates of candidates:


For the appointment of the Board of Directors:

1.       Maurizio CARLI                        born in Bergamo on 14 August 1958

2.      Paola SAPIENZA                      born in Catania on 19 March 1965

3.      Federico FERRO LUZZI           born in Roma on 22 September 1968

4.      Paola CAMAGNI                      born in Milano on 22 December 1970

5.      Paolo BOCCARDELLI              born in Roma on 7 August 1971

All the candidates declare they qualify as independent.


For the appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Section for Standing Auditor position:

1.       Francesco FALLACARA             born in Bari on 14 June 1964

2.      Anna DORO                               born in Firenze on 5 September 1965

3.      Francesco VELLA                       born in Lucca on 5 February 1958

Section for Alternate Auditor position:

1.       Paolo PRANDI                          born in Brescia on 23 March 1961

2.      Laura FIORDELISI                    born in Bordighera (Imperia) on 13 August 1974


The candidate listed under 1 in the section for Standing Auditor position is proposed as the Chair of the Board of Statutory Auditors according to the law.


In the days to come, detailed information and documentation required by applicable regulations will be made available as per the notice of the Shareholders’ Meeting (TIM website www.gruppotim.it/agm; storage platform website www.1info.it). 


Rome, 3 March 2021


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