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TIM: among the first operators in Europe and the only one in Italy to launch Open RAN solutions on the mobile network

The achievement starts in Faenza where the infrastructure is already set to offer new features to speed up the deployment of digital services

04/26/2021 - 03:00 PM

TIM is among the first operators in Europe and the only one in Italy to launch the Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) deployment programme to innovate the mobile access network. This initiative will see the Group implement new solutions on its commercial network to benefit customers and businesses thereby speeding up the deployment of digital services. 

The initiative is covered by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding last February with the main European operators to promote Open RAN technology with the aim of speeding up the implementation of new generation mobile networks, in particular 5G, Cloud and Edge Computing.

The first city in Italy to adopt this open network model is Faenza where, through collaboration with JMA Wireless – leader in mobile coverage and the development of Open RAN software – TIM will use a solution that decouples the components (hardware and software) of the radio access network, according to a supplier diversification logic and with a view to fostering a broader industrial ecosystem. In this case the radio node on the 4G network has been built by combining JMA’s software baseband with the radio units provided by Microelectronics Technology (MTI). Going forward, this venture will also extend to 5G solutions.

The deployment of Open RAN solutions in an open environment, in line with the objectives of TIM’s 2021-2023 ‘Beyond Connectivity’ plan, will unite the potential of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence with the evolution of the mobile network. Moreover, it will enable operators to further strengthen security standards, improve network performances and optimise costs in order to provide ever more advanced digital services such as those linked to the new solutions for Industry 4.0, the smart city and autonomous driving.


Rome, 26 April 2021


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