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TIM: new responsibilities in the first line management

07/05/2021 - 09:16 PM

TIM announces a few changes in the first line of the Group’s management in order to both optimise the in-house resources and with a view to launching some important development projects, in line with the targets set in the 2021-2023 Business Plan.

The Chief Revenue Office is entrusted to Stefano Siragusa (who was already classified as a Key Manager insofar as he was Chief Technology & Operations Officer and currently holds 379,157 ordinary shares in TIM).

The Chief Technology & Operations Office is entrusted to Nicola Grassi (again, already considered as a Key Manager insofar as he headed the Procurement Department. Nicola Grassi currently holds 260,000 ordinary shares in TIM).

The Procurement Department is entrusted to Paolo Chiriotti, who holds 100,000 ordinary shares in the Company. His CV is attached.

The new responsibilities take immediate effect.

Our thanks go to Federico Rigoni who has reached a mutual agreement to leave the Group, for his great contribution both professionally and managerially. Federico Rigoni (who holds no shares in TIM) will receive severance indemnity in accordance with the remuneration policy approved by the Shareholders' Meeting on 31 March 2021; the assignment is therefore classified as an excluded related party transaction in accordance with the specific Consob Regulation.


Rome, 5 July 2021


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