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TIM: agreement with DAZN develops competition in the pay-tv market and speeds up digitisation

07/08/2021 - 10:00 AM

 With reference to the Italian Competition Authority's investigation and, in particular, the alleged unavailability of technical solutions, TIM notes that these are available to all operators as long as they make the necessary investments. In this respect, AGCom recently addressed a guidance document to DAZN and other operators seeking their cooperation and investment in adopting all the technical solutions aimed at ensuring efficient transmission on the internet. As far as TIM is concerned, all the necessary investments have been provided for.


TIM also points out that its commercial offers do not include any obligation to subscribe to connectivity services to access pay-TV content, as also recognised by AGCom.  In fact, customers of other operators can freely access DAZN's content offers, including through the TimVision set top box. It is also important to note that DAZN was awarded the rights to the Serie A football championship matches for the three-year period 2021-2024 following the tender process announced by the Serie A League.


As regards the concern about a possible limitation of DAZN's commercial freedom in the supply of pay-TV services, TIM specifies that this aspect has already been clarified by the attractiveness of the offers already on the market compared to those of previous years.


We are confident that discussions with the Authority will clarify all aspects of the proceedings and are certain that the agreement with DAZN aims to develop competition in the pay-TV market and the viewing of streaming content, as well as to accelerate the country's digitisation process for the benefit of all customers and telecommunications operators. 


Rome, 8 July 2021 


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