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TIM: BoD approves slate for renewal

Confirmation of the number of members, duration and remuneration proposed for the Board

02/23/2021 - 07:20 PM

Meeting today chaired by Salvatore Rossi, the TIM Board of Directors completed the process begun on 20 January this year to present a slate for renewal of the Board of Directors for the coming three years, approving it unanimously.

In accordance with the guidance on the optimum qualitative and quantitative composition of the Company’s administrative body and in compliance with the procedural steps previously communicated to the market (guidance and procedure available at the following link), the Board of Directors is presenting a slate of 10 candidates for the appointment of a Board consisting of 15 members:

  • Salvatore Rossi, born in Bari on 6 January 1949 (Chairman) *
  • Luigi Gubitosi, born in Naples on 22 May 1961 (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Paola Bonomo, born in Marostica (Vicenza) on 15 May 1969 *
  • Franck Cadoret, born in Marseilles (France) on 17 March 1957
  • Luca De Meo, born in Milan on 13 June 1967 *
  • Arnaud de Puyfontaine, born in Paris (France) on 26 April 1964
  • Cristiana Falcone, born in Rome on 26 February 1973 *
  • Giovanni Gorno Tempini, born in Brescia on 18 February 1962
  • Marella Moretti, born in Turin on 4 November 1965 *
  • Ilaria Romagnoli, born in Rome on 20 September 1967 *

* Independent

This is a shortlist consisting of 4 women and 6 men, for a total of 6 independent directors. The intention has been to combine the value of continuity with that of renewal: alongside 6 Directors in office (including the Chairman and CEO, who are expected to be confirmed in their respective roles) 4 candidates with a diversified background in terms of training and professional and work experience will be brought in.

The additional proposals are in line with the existing situation:

  • board composition of 15 Directors;
  • 3-year term of office, until the Shareholders' Meeting called to approve the financial statements at 31 December 2023;
  • total annual remuneration of 2,200,000 euros gross (excluding Directors holding special offices), entrusting the newly appointed Board of Directors with the actual total amount and its division among the individual Directors.


Salvatore Rossi, Chairman of TIM, stated: “I would like to express my most heartfelt and sincere thanks to the outgoing Board for the work it has done during the three years of its term of office which is drawing to a close. This result was achieved thanks to the high professional and human value of the members of the Board. I would also like to express my personal satisfaction with the methods employed in the process that led to the selection of the slate by the Board which will be submitted at the next Shareholders' Meeting in view of the renewal of the Board. A slate made up of professionals with great experience and weight,” he added, “which will provide the necessary continuity with the appropriate renewal of the outgoing Board, benefiting the delicate transformation of the company and the objectives to digitise the country.”

The documentation relating to the candidates is currently being published on the Company’s website at (


Rome, 23 February 2021


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