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TIM and ALIS work together to guarantee smart and sustainable mobility

The companies have signed an agreement for the digitisation of over 1500 transport, logistics and intermodal companies

04/23/2021 - 11:05 AM

The objective is to make the mobility of people and goods smarter, more efficient and greener through digital technologies, and make a positive economic and social impact and promote environmental sustainability within the transport, logistics and intermodal sector. This aim is confirmed by the agreement signed by Luigi Gubitosi, TIM’s Chief Executive Officer, and Guido Grimaldi, Chairman of the ALIS (Association of Logistics and Sustainable Intermodality), which represents over 1500 companies within the sector and more than 180 thousand workers.

The agreement will support ALIS associates throughout their digital transformation process by adopting technological solutions that are responsive to the renewed demands of the sector.  To this end, TIM and ALIS will cooperate closely, forming a joint work group for the application of advanced ICT solutions, based on the Internet of Things, big data, cloud and cybersecurity, able to improve, for example, services for managing documents, tracking goods and company assets, as well as remotely controlling technological systems and vehicles, with the aim to improve production efficiency and increase operator security. Blockchains will also be implemented for tracking goods, from when they are loaded for transportation, to their temporary storage, during distribution, and until arrival at their final destination. Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and drones will be used for activities at ports, interports, stations, warehouses, and logistic hubs to improve the safety of people and goods.

Furthermore, TIM and ALIS will promote the development of human capital within the entrepreneurial ecosystem through training sessions, seminars, and conferences as part of Operazione Risorgimento Digitale, the great alliance between institutions and companies promoted by TIM to facilitate and encourage the spread of digital skills throughout the country.


Rome, 23 April 2021


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