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TIM and Unimpresa: agreement signed for digitalisation of SMEs

The best connectivity solutions combined with innovative services from Noovle, Olivetti, Sparkle and Telsy available for businesses

06/10/2021 - 11:00 AM

TIM and Unimpresa have signed an agreement that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of Italian SMEs and boost their competitiveness through the adoption of innovative technological solutions, as well as training and digital skills development for employees.


The agreement focuses on developing IT solutions which are becoming more and more necessary for business growth, remote communication services, cloud platforms and ‘digital assessment’ services, to certify the level of digitalisation of companies. Moreover, to advance digital skills in companies, training sessions will be held on innovation as part of TIM’s great ‘Operazione Risorgimento Digitale’ alliance between institutions and businesses to encourage the spread of digital culture.


The agreement will help to support small and medium-sized enterprises – which are the backbone of the country’s economy – at a time of major and rapid transformation. TIM is providing its solutions starting with the ‘Smart District’ project, which aims to encourage entrepreneurship in industrial districts. Indeed, TIM offers companies a range of latest-generation services, drawing on the specialist skills of Noovle for Cloud and edge computing solutions, Olivetti for the Internet of Things, Telsy for Cybersecurity and Sparkle for international services.


Rome, 10 June 2021


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