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TIM: Noovle becomes a Benefit Company and strengthens the group’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability

The company, the Group’s centre of excellence for Cloud and Edge computing solutions, has expanded the corporate purpose so as to work ever more sustainably and with more transparency in regard to the reference ecosystem

Through its network of Data Centers it adopts the most advanced technological and security standards in line with international best practices

07/30/2021 - 11:05 AM

Noovle, a cloud company of the TIM Group, has expanded the corporate purpose and become a Benefit Company, namely an innovative company that operates in a sustainable and transparent way in the interest of the community. Benefit Companies were introduced in Italy in 2016 to identify companies that pursue not only profit but also specific purposes to the common benefit, with the aim of generating value for citizens, businesses and manufacturing organisations throughout the country.

For Noovle, the first Group company to change its bylaws into a Benefit Company, this is an important result achieved thanks to the development of Data Centers designed and built following eco-sustainability criteria, certified on the basis of international standards (LEED Gold), which provide for the efficient use of the spaces, reduced energy consumption and particular attention to the materials used.

At the same time, Noovle places particular attention on the adoption of circular economy models for the regeneration of servers and equipment in order to increase their useful life. Moreover, these infrastructures increasingly use energy from renewable sources in line with the energy policy adopted by the TIM Group.

Due to the transition to a Benefit Company, Noovle undertakes to disclose the results achieved on an annual basis in its “Impact Report”, measuring the social and environmental benefits generated with the aim of becoming a reference model. Moreover, the company, which in this process was accompanied by Nativa, a Regenerative Innovation Company and the first Benefit and B Corp certified company in Europe, plans for its business model to gradually progress towards a zero greenhouse gas emissions economy, in line with European climate neutrality targets and Italian ecological transition targets.

The challenge we are faced with is to develop sustainable digital technologies, so we are looking at this transition as a highly significant moment for Noovle, for its impact and role in the country, and we consider it an additional valuable tool to define new initiatives,” remarked Mariarosaria Taddeo, Chairman of Noovle. "By becoming a Benefit Company we respond to the twofold need to create a sustainable digitised company and a fairer and more inclusive professional environment. We are convinced that this path will give rise to initiatives that generate social and environmental value.”

The commitment Noovle associates with this transformation represents the natural evolution of a company founded on solid values,” pointed out Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, CEO of Noovle.  “Our starting assumption is that we are all responsible for protecting the ecosystem and that the environment, economy and society need to be considered as indissoluble parts of a single organism. The switch to a Benefit Company will strengthen our commitment to promote the digitisation of the country following innovative criteria and in line with the TIM Group’s sustainability objectives.”

Noovle, a centre of excellence in Italy for the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Edge computing, aims to accelerate the digital transformation of companies through innovative cloud services and solutions, as well as a Data Center network distributed throughout Italy, created in line with the most advanced technological and security standards and the latest environmental sustainability best practices, pursuant to the Group’s ESG objectives.


Rome, 30 July 2021


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