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TIM takes Jovanotti to the Metaverse

The Jovaverse is born: from the Jova Beach Party stage to the artist’s dressing room

07/02/2022 - 02:00 PM

TIM, the Main Technical Sponsor of the Jova Beach Party 2022, takes Italian chart-topping singer Jovanotti to the metaverse for the first time to create an unforgettable experience: the Jovaverse, where you can explore the summer beach parties backstage and even enter Jovanotti's dressing room.

The Jovaverse is a virtual, immersive and interactive environment, where Jovanotti fans can enjoy a unique multimedia experience using an Oculus model viewer. In fact, after creating their own avatar, they will be transported to a special island surrounded by the sound of the sea and nature. Thanks to a reconstructed comic-style sound system, fans will be able to choose their favourite song and start the virtual experience by exploring the Jovaverse island. Every visitor will have the opportunity to choose and wear one of Jovanotti's favourite hats and leave a memento of their time on the island by planting a flower with their name and discovering what the fans who landed before them left behind. Continuing the walk, visitors will come across an iconic tree decorated with the most beloved verses of the artist's songs and will find themselves in front of the famous tent perfectly reconstructed to resemble Jovanotti's real dressing room at the Jova Beach Party. The singer will invite them in, to browse among the objects most dear to him, and will take them into his magical world!

The Jovaverse is an initiative run by TIM within its eXtended Reality proprietary platform. It will be available in the TIM area at all stages of the Jova Beach Party 2022 and from 7 July in the TIM stores at Piazza Colonna/Via del Corso, Rome, and Piazza Gae Aulenti, Milan.

Furthermore, at each stage of the tour, there will be opportunities in the TIM area to create exclusive video messages on the strength of connections, win sustainable gadgets, learn about the potential of the ultrafast network and innovative enabled services, as well as discover the exclusive promotions designed for all Jova Beach Party participants.

TIM is also the technological partner of the tour and will provide the network infrastructure, ensuring ultrabroadband coverage to provide the best possible services for the organisation’s 21 stops.

TimMusic will also follow every stage of the tour with content dedicated to the artist and the TimMusic Shock promotion, which offers a free 3-month subscription to all the music on the TIM platform (renewing at 4.99 euros per month) and 5 GB of data included for TIM customers only. The offer can be activated at and on the App. TIM's involvement in the Jova Beach Party 2022 is part of the Group's new communication campaign entitled "La forza delle connessioni" (the strength of connections), which aims to stress the importance of the connectivity that creates human relationships and helps people stay close and overcome distances, just like music. 


Rome, 02 July 2022


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