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TIM: TIM Brasil appoints Alberto Griselli as CEO

02/01/2022 - 02:07 PM

TIM announces that the Board of Directors of TIM S.A. (TIM Brasil) met yesterday and appointed Alberto Mario Griselli as CEO of the company. The appointment is effective immediately and follows the resignation of Pietro Labriola, who assumed the position of CEO and General Manager of TIM Group.


Alberto Mario Griselli, 52, holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from La Sapienza in Rome and an FMBA from Columbia University. With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he has held senior positions in South America including Vice President of TIMwe, a global provider of mobile engagement solutions for telecom operators, and Managing Director of the consulting firm Value Partners.


Griselli also retains the position of Chief Revenue Officer at TIM Brasil, which he has held since 30 July, 2019.

Alberto Griselli does not hold shares in TIM SpA.



Rome, 01 February 2022


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