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TIM: resignation of Director Arnaud De Puyfontaine

01/16/2023 - 01:15 PM

TIM announces that Director Arnaud De Puyfontaine has resigned from his office of member of the Board of Directors of TIM, with immediate effect.


Arnaud De Puyfontaine added that, in this phase of constructive dialogue between TIM's main shareholders and the Institutions, under the new Government’s leadership, it is fundamental that all the relevant parties may be free to work in a constructive and transparent manner to the benefit of TIM and all its shareholders.

In this regard, Arnaud De Puyfontaine considers it appropriate to devote his effort, as Chief Executive Officer of Vivendi, to re-establishing a growth path for TIM and see to it that the real value of the Company and its unique network is properly recognized.

Lastly, the Director confirmed that TIM and Italy remain central to Vivendi's investment plans.


The Chairman Salvatore Rossi, interpreting the thoughts of the entire Board of Directors, thanks Arnaud De Puyfontaine for his valuable contribution to the Company over the years.


Arnaud De Puyfontaine doesn’t own TIM shares. 


Rome, 16 January 2023


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