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TIM: Eugenio Santagata new Chief Public Affairs & Security Officer

04/09/2022 - 10:30 AM

TIM reports that, effective immediately, Eugenio Santagata has been appointed as head of the Chief Public Affairs & Security Office Department and will report directly to Pietro Labriola, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Group.

The Security Function, whose responsibility remains entrusted to Stefano Grassi, and the structures of the Chief Public Affairs Office, which is simultaneously superseded, now report directly to the Chief Public Affairs & Security Office.

Eugenio Santagata has an extensive and significant experience in the Defence sector, where he held important positions, including operative ones, and, for over 15 years, he dealt with private sector cyber security and security systems.

Eugenio Santagata – who will retain his position as Chief Executive Officer of Telsy S.p.A., a role he holds from 1 April 2021 – will qualify as key manager. At the same time, Stefano Grassi's qualification as key manager is superseded.

Eugenio Santagata and Stefano Grassi hold 93,000 and 208,536 TIM ordinary shares, respectively.

Please find attached Eugenio Santagata’s Curriculum Vitae.


Rome, 9 April 2022


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