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TIM and Confimi Industria: agreement signed to promote innovation in the manufacturing sector

The agreement aims to support more than 45 thousand SMEs on the path of digital transformation


TIM speeds up the digital innovation of the manufacturing fabric and signs an agreement with Confimi Industria - Confederation of Italian Manufacturing Industry and Private Enterprise, aimed at promoting the adoption of digital solutions to create new business opportunities for more than 45 thousand SMEs in the manufacturing sector represented by the Confederation nationwide.

The agreement will make it possible to support member enterprises on the path of digital transformation through the adoption of next-generation services and technology platforms capable of responding to the renewed needs of the sector, increasing the competitiveness of SMEs at a time of great and rapid transformation.

TIM will provide its connectivity solutions and advanced services for business development, drawing on the specialist skills of Noovle for Cloud and edge computing solutions, Olivetti for the Internet of Things, Telsy for Cybersecurity and Sparkle for international services.

Free targeted consulting from TIM is also planned, to identify the best customised digitalisation solutions for SMEs. These range from services for managing business connectivity and network security to solutions for securely storing, sharing and saving files and business applications in the cloud. Crm applications to support businesses in marketing activities are included. The agreement will also enable employees and family members of the enterprises to access business and consumer services and offers at discounted prices.


Rome, 11 July 2022


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