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TIM and Confitarma sign an agreement to promote the digitalisation of maritime transport

The aim of the agreement is to develop a collaboration around the exchange of experience, skills and opportunities in the field of innovative technologies applied to the maritime transport sector

05/25/2022 - 11:00 AM

TIM and Confitarma – Italian Confederation of Shipowners have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the adoption of digital technologies for maritime transport.

The agreement aims to establish a collaboration around topics related to the development and implementation of IoT, Cloud and 5G technologies as well as cyber and crypto solutions applied to the maritime transport sector. The purpose of the agreement is to respond to the challenges of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) by creating synergy between the ecological and digital transitions, while paying particular attention to the new frontiers of cloud and security.

In particular, the collaboration between the parties may involve the following areas: global connectivity services, IoT on board for smart vessel management, digital services and applications on board, cyber and crypto services and R&D projects dedicated to the security of communications. The Confitarma associates will also benefit from training courses offered by TIM with the aim of promoting widespread digital skills.

Luca Sisto, General Director of Confitarma commented: “The collaboration with TIM represents an important added value for Confitarma when facing the challenge of the digital transformation of maritime transport. The possibility to provide our associates with the innovative solutions offered by TIM will certainly be of valuable support, including in the preparation of an effective cyber security strategy, an essential tool to ensure high digital performance of shipping”.

Eugenio Santagata, TIM’s Chief Public Affairs & Security Officer: We are very proud to be working alongside Confitarma and to be making our expertise available by sharing advanced digital solutions for the benefit of its associates. This collaboration shows how innovation and technology are important tools for economic and social growth, naturally with specific attention paid to the needs of the maritime sector”.


Rome, 25 May 2022 


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