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TIM: agreement with DAZN on Serie A TIM rights reached

08/03/2022 - 09:15 PM

TIM announces that the Group has reached an agreement with DAZN. The accord allows the latter to distribute Serie A TIM football rights through any third parties.

The contract will improve the options available to TIM customers, who will continue to watch matches through TimVision, the most advantageous and content-rich streaming platform on the market, and it will additionally offer the possibility to watch DAZN content on digital terrestrial TV as well.

Furthermore, TimVision offers its customers the best of premium entertainment, sports and all national and international football thanks to partnerships with major players in the sector (discovery+, Infinity+, Disney+ and Netflix).

Thanks to the new contractual framework, the objective of distributing football rights over multiple platforms in order to develop a more sustainable economic model, and subject to less instability, has been achieved.

In the 2021 Financial Statements, a provision for onerous contracts was set aside for the overall negative margins over the entire contractual term for certain multimedia content offering contracts, including the one between TIM and DAZN.

The valuation of provision for onerous contracts outstanding as at 30 June 2022 takes into account the new scenario.

TIM has informed the Antitrust Authority that the new agreement has been reached. 


Rome, 3 August 2022


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