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TIM presents 'La forza delle connessioni', new Group communication campaign under way

Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore directs the first advertisement, which celebrates the importance of human relations

‘Made in Italy' icons Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the exceptional protagonists

06/15/2022 - 01:30 PM

TIM presents 'La forza delle connessioni' ('The strength of connections'), the Group’s new institutional and commercial communication campaign. On-air starting this evening, the new advertisement sees the involvement of two great Italian Oscar winners: it is filmed by Giuseppe Tornatore accompanied by the notes of a previously unpublished piece by Maestro Ennio Morricone. Exceptional protagonists, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana: icons of Italian fashion and promoters of the excellence of 'Made in Italy' in the world.

At the heart of the story the lives and projects of Domenico and Stefano can be seen to interweave they connect very young, transforming their ideas into reality and making their dream come true. The advertisement seeks to tell their story, starting from their past in Sicily and looking to the digitalised future.

The new campaign’s slogan stresses the importance of connectivity, which becomes human relations and helps bring people closer, overcoming distances, finding strength and motivation to achieve increasingly ambitious projects.

 “It is a matter of pride for us that Giuseppe Tornatore, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, undisputed ambassadors of 'Made in Italy' worldwide, stand alongside us in this communication project” - Pietro Labriola, TIM’s Chief Executive Officer, says. “With this new campaign, we talk about the connections that unite people, near or far, equal or different, because the real connection is what allows us to overcome distances and differences. TIM’s task is to make sure that connections grow and develop as needed and that they are always secure.”


The advertisement (which lasts 60 seconds) is just the first chapter of the new TIM Group campaign and will be broadcast on the main national TV channels as well as featured in the press, on posters, web, social media and the cinema circuit.



Direction and artistic supervision: Giuseppe Tornatore

Production Company: Armosia

Liaisons with D&G: Francesco Romeres

Executive Producer: Emanuele Cadeddu

Cinematographer: Emanuele Zarlenga

Costume Designer: Alfonsina Lettieri

Set Designer: Rocco Ceraolo

Post Production: M74

Agency: Havas Milan

Soundtrack: Ennio Morricone 


Milan, 15 June 2022


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