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TIM: new agile working agreement signed with trade union organizations

The agreement will come into effect on 1 February 2023: offices planned to close on Fridays to ensure energy efficiency, cut in CO2 emissions, more stable organization of work from home and in the office

11/23/2022 - 10:45 AM

TIM announced that it has signed a new agile working agreement with Trade Union Organisations, which will last for 13 months (from 1 February 2023 to 29 February 2024) and affect about 32,000 employees of the Group. The agreement, through the closure of TIM's offices on Fridays, envisages the passage from 2 to 3 days of smart-working: this will allow employees to plan their non-work activities better, strengthen the joint presence of colleagues in the office on the other days of the week, and achieve energy efficiency as well as a related reduction in CO2 emissions.

The impact is particularly significant in large cities, such as Rome (12,000 employees) and Milan (3,700 employees), with a 60% reduction in commuting.

The agreement is the result of a long design phase involving Trade Union Organisations and, depending on the role occupied, is based on alternating work inside and outside company premises.

The agreement introduces two types of agile working, daily and weekly, which differ in terms of the degree of autonomy, the possibility of organising work by objectives, and the different working hours.

The daily model applies to organizational spheres where activities are carried out by objectives, with an adequate degree of autonomy and hourly flexibility, and provides for 2 days on the premises and 3 in agile working;

The weekly model applies to organizational spheres where the activities carried out are variously organised, do not allow work to be organised by objectives, and for which it is essential to guarantee presence in specific time slots, and provides for a four-day week on the premises and a week in agile working.

The new agile working agreement is part of TIM's broader welfare model, which includes various initiatives to support parenting and families, including refunds for preschool and kindergarten fees, summer camps and scholarships to study abroad as well as programmes for physical and mental health and wellness, prevention, and the dissemination of healthy lifestyles.

"Thanks to a serious and constructive discussion with the Trade Unions," commented Paolo Chiriotti, TIM's Chief Human Resources and Organisation Officer, "we were able to sign an important agreement that lays the foundations for the construction of a more mature model of agile working. Our people who work from home will be able to count on a consolidated system of safeguards, such as right to disconnect, and rules, such as co-presence days, that promote business stability and improved productivity. In addition, with the introduction of office closures on Fridays, we are making an important achievement in terms of the environment and the work-life balance of our employees. On this front, TIM's commitment is not only to smart-working: for many years the company has been committed to supporting its people through various projects in areas that provide practical support in managing family needs, and this is one of the cornerstones of our welfare model.


Rome, 23 November 2022


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