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TIM: clarifications on KKR's non-binding offer

02/06/2023 - 09:09 PM

With regard to press reports on the non-binding offer for TIM's fixed infrastructure submitted by KKR, at Consob's request, the company specifies that, unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the offer has a duration of four weeks from the date it was sent (1 February) and, as already communicated, TIM's Board of Directors will meet on 24 February to discuss it and take the necessary decisions, thus before the end of the offer's duration.

As is normal for transactions of this kind, the non-binding offer is only indicative and subject to in-depth examinations, analyses and assessments that will be conducted in the meantime, even through talks with KKR. On the other hand, as already announced, TIM is ready to consider other alternative options.


Rome, 6 February 2023



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