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TIM airs new ‘Il Labirinto’ commercial signed by Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore

The initiative is part of the broader ‘La parità non può aspettare’ project launched by the Group to raise awareness on the subject of the gender gap

01/02/2024 - 12:05 PM

TIM’s new ‘Il Labirinto [The Maze]’ commercial, directed by Oscar winner Giuseppe Tornatore, is now on air and was broadcast for the first time on the occasion of the traditional end-of-year message by Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, on the main television stations.

The story highlights the prejudices, stereotypes and gender differences that women are forced to face every day: a maze of difficulties from which it seems impossible to escape.

Måneskin’s hit ‘The Loneliest’ also features in the 60-second and 45-second versions of the commercial, which will be shown by the main national broadcasters. ‘Il Labirinto’ commercial will also be distributed by means of a cinema and digital strategy plan.


The new commercial is part of the broader 'La parità non può aspettare [Equality can't wait]’ campaign launched by the TIM Group during December to raise awareness about the gender gap. A major billboard initiative was launched for the occasion in Italy’s main cities - Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice and Turin, with posters containing messages based on data to reflect on, such as: 'Gender equality will only be achieved in 2155' (source Global Gender Gap Report 2023 of the World Economic Forum) or 'Women only account for 20.5% of managers in Italian companies'.

The faces of this campaign are: Sofia Goggia, world downhill champion, Danielle Madam, Italian shot put champion, Giulia Dragoni of the Italian women's football team, as well as female colleagues from TIM or ordinary people with whom all women can identify: Pamela D'Alessandro, TIM technician, Laura De Dilectis, President of DonneXStrada, Carla Nisio, TIM manager and a young girl whose face draws attention to the need to accelerate change.



Direction: Giuseppe Tornatore

Production Company: Armosia Italia

TIM Relations – Giuseppe Tornatore: Francesco Romeres
Executive Producer: Emanuele Cadeddu
Director of Photography: Emanuele Zarlenga
Video Post-production: Frame

Agency: Havas Milano



The actions taken by TIM to bridge the gender gap and combat violence against women:


The Women Plus App

A solution launched by the TIM Group to help women look for jobs and advance their career, involving over 200 partners. Supported by the European Commission, the app was born of the experience of 'Mulheres Positivas' - the project that TIM supported in Brazil together with entrepreneur Fabi Saad - and makes a large number of vacancies available in a single system, using tools that match skills to the jobs available, together with mentoring, training and inspirational talks.


Punti Viola

Working with the non-profit association 'DonneXStrada', TIM stores across Italy have become 'Punti Viola', or 'safe havens' to offer initial assistance to women who feel in danger. TIM sales staff have attended training and awareness courses, with the support of legal experts and psychologists, to be ready to welcome any victims or witnesses of harassment or violence and take the correct action.


New digital booths

The first digital booths will be installed in Italy's main cities during 2024. They include a 'Women Plus' first aid button to make emergency calls requesting real-time support from an operator in potentially dangerous situations. This function has strong social value providing the community with a tool to combat violence or petty crime.


Gender equality in the TIM Group

The Company also combats the Gender gap internally, with projects that focused on corporate culture, organization and processes. In 2022, the Boards of Directors of the Group companies were renewed, increasing the presence of women to over 40% (a 20% increase in one year). The pay gap at managerial level has been eliminated and a plan has been launched which will allow women to grow in the company in terms of role and visibility.


Rome, 2 January 2024

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