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TIM launches 'Growth Platform,' the new programme aimed at innovative companies

TIM has started selecting high-potential companies to be offered preferential access to Group assets

04/12/2023 - 11:15 AM

TIM is launching the 'TIM Growth Platform,' a new innovation model that focuses on industrial collaboration with high-potential companies to accelerate their growth. The programme envisages scouting and the selection of medium-sized innovative companies, operating in the consumer or enterprise market, with which to activate industrial partnerships. 

Thanks to the partners selected, TIM will be able to offer its customers the best cutting-edge solutions, while the partners will be able to benefit from TIM's distinctive assets, namely: its nationwide sales network, customer base, cloud and network infrastructure, and technology platforms. The model also envisages the possible acquisition of a minority stake in the capital of partner companies upon the achievement of specific objectives.

Following an Open Innovation approach, the programme also comprises evaluating new proposals from startups. In this case TIM will collaborate with the most important venture capital funds, accelerators and venture builders in Italy to together discover the best path to bring the most innovative products and solutions to the market and to TIM customers.

"Italy's digital innovation is growing, in 2022 investments in startups increased by 68%. There is still a lot to be done to facilitate the next step of increasing the size of the most promising and innovative businesses. It is in this area that we want to propose our Open Innovation model and we believe it can be an important tool of developing innovation" - said Pietro Labriola, TIM’s Chief Executive Officer.


From today, interested companies can apply by submitting their proposals, through the Open Innovation  section ( of the TIM Group website, in the following areas: Cloud Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Smart City, Data Monetization, Energy Management, ICT Solutions for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and innovative services in the Content & Entertainment sphere.

Following the model of the recent TIM Smart City Challenge - set up to identify new solutions for smart cities -, other important players in the Italian innovation ecosystem (universities and trade associations) will be involved to support the growth of the chosen companies throughout their development path.

In addition, a nationwide roadshow will be launched in the coming weeks, to enable TIM's top management to meet the best Italian innovative enterprises and encourage the activation of business opportunities with the company.


Rome, 12 April 2023


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