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TIM confirms top tlc group worldwide for diversity and inclusion in “Refinitiv Global Diversity&Inclusion Index”

09/13/2023 - 05:10 PM

TIM is pursuing its path defined by the sustainability plan and is confirmed as the leading Telco worldwide in the raking of companies that stand out for their inclusion policies and promoting diversity. This positioning has been certified by the Refinitiv Diversity and Inclusion Index, where the Group maintains a prominent position among the world’s leading companies: TIM SA (Brazil) is fourth worldwide and TIM Group is twenty-fourth, making it one of the Top 25 most virtuous companies for diversity & inclusion.


This is an important result for TIM as it rewards the company’s commitment and represents a further incentive to continue its Diversity & Inclusion programme, launched almost fifteen years ago and pursued over time with commitment and participation. This path still involves many challenges and opportunities to be seized and interpreted, aware that inclusion is not just an ethical value but also a formidable performance driver for the company, closely linked to people’s engagement and satisfaction.


TIM’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is also confirmed in the Group’s ESG targets. In particular, the goal is to reach over 29% of women in positions of responsibility by 2025, in line with the new Code of Ethics and Charter of Values (which includes “Inclusion” as one of the principles inspiring behaviour throughout the organisation). Further initiatives are the Women Empowerment Project and the Human Resources and Equal Opportunities Policy, recently approved by TIM's Gender Equality Steering Committee.


The analysis conducted by Refinitiv, a company of the London Stock Exchange Group and one of the primary suppliers worldwide of financial research and data, uses public data – financial statements, financial reports, press news, websites – based on 24 parameters relating to four main categories: diversity, inclusion, people development and dispute management. The index ranks over 12,000 companies globally and identifies the top 100 listed ones with the most diverse and inclusive workplaces.





Why TIM ranks first in Diversity & Inclusion


TIM’s Diversity&Inclusion plan includes over 100 initiatives aimed at encouraging the emergence of needs, people’s development and uniqueness, inclusion and communication, divided into:


·        Culture of inclusion promoted internally with a structured editorial and training plan and externally with a variety of initiatives, among which ‘4 Weeks 4 Inclusion’ - the marathon that TIM has been promoting since 2020, involving over 300 companies in four weeks of intercompany events - stands out


·        Progetto Donna (Woman Project), which aims to overcome the gender gap by working on cultural aspects such as the reduction of gender bias, the promotion of shared family and parenting roles, the empowerment of women to facilitate the development of their careers, management objectives on reducing the pay gap and the presence of women in the BoDs of Group companies


·        Longevity Program, to overcome age-related stereotypes by promoting intergenerational dialogue and the full development of all generations, from “Z” to the most senior


·        Disability which provides policies and tools, designed and identified by people with disabilities themselves for their full integration


·        Sexual orientation and gender identity focused on the inclusion of LGBT+ people in teams and the organisation, with an expanded vision of the family


·        Ethnicity and Religion proven in the company policies, actions and projects to enhance cultural diversity



Rome, 13 September 2023


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