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TIM strengthens its commitment to gender equality and obtains UNI/PdR125 certification from RINA

The Group is among the first companies in Italy to obtain this recognition and confirms its commitment to overcoming the gender gap in the company.

09/20/2023 - 11:30 AM

TIM has obtained UNI/PdR125:2022 certification for equal opportunities, confirming its commitment to closing the gender gap in the company. For the company, this is a further step forward in the recognition of its commitment to gender issues, which comes after the UNI ISO 30415 “Human Resource Management Diversity and Inclusion” certification.


TIM has launched many initiatives on gender equality, with a path that led to the gradual renewal of the Group companies’ Boards of Directors, bringing the average presence of women above 40%, and to overcoming the gender pay gap at management level, as well as activities on training and female empowerment. The Group’s commitment is also aimed at developing a culture of equality and its diffusion, as evidenced by the 'Equality can't wait' campaign, launched in July with the women’s national football team. Thanks to this work, undertaken both in Italy and Brazil, in 2023 TIM confirmed its leadership in the main benchmark indices, such as the 'Refinitiv Diversity&Inclusion Index'.


The Uni/PdR125:2022 certification, issued by the multinational RINA after an audit involving all TIM functions across the board, is linked to guidelines on the gender equality management system that include various performance indicators (KPIs) with the aim of bridging the currently existing gaps and incorporating the new gender equality paradigm into the Group’s DNA, producing a sustainable and lasting change over time.



Rome, 20 September 2023


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