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TIM: clarifications regarding statements by shareholder Bluebell Capital Partners

04/17/2024 - 08:02 PM

TIM hereby acknowledges the communication made by shareholder Bluebell Capital Partners regarding a complaint submitted by it to Consob in connection with the renewal of the board of directors at the April 23 shareholders' meeting.

Notwithstanding the fact that TIM has no evidence of the aforementioned complaint, the Company can only dispute the serious and unfounded allegations about the existence of hidden pacts between TIM and its shareholders regarding the outgoing Board's slate and will immediately proceed to take the appropriate initiatives, including steps to protect the proper course of share prices, even in front of the judicial authorities.

The Board's slate preparation and related interlocutions with shareholders or associations representing them were duly documented, and ample and timely information was provided to the market.

As for the request to Consob to " nullify the Board's slate" and "freeze the voting rights" of shareholders allegedly involved in the hidden pact, TIM urges the shareholder to rectify its statements so that they are truthful and not misleading with respect to the regulatory framework in place.

TIM, in confirming the legitimacy of its actions, urges Bluebell Capital Partners not to circulate misleading information and not to undertake in its own exclusive interest any blatantly baseless initiatives that could disrupt the proper conduct of the shareholders' meeting.  



Rome, 17 April 2024

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