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TIM foundation allocates 1 million euros for social inclusion, art and education

Until 13 May, it will be possible to participate in the calls for proposals that will select the most innovative projects inspired by Sophocles, Virgil and Seneca

04/08/2024 - 11:30 AM

TIM Foundation is allocating 1 million euros to launch a programme to support the most innovative ideas and projects that spread the culture of innovation – the basis of the TIM Group’s activities – in the areas of social inclusion, art and culture, education and scientific research.

The initiative is aimed at philanthropic and non-profit organisations, foundations, recognised associations and associations for social advancement, social cooperatives, voluntary organisations, universities, religious bodies, public bodies operating on a non-profit basis and with the involvement of local communities. Proposals can be submitted until 13 May, with projects responding to each of the three calls for proposals, with a contribution from TIM Foundation of up to 350,000 euros for each call:


  • Social Inclusion - ‘Vivere il prossimo’ (living thy neighbour), for the implementation of projects that help families including people with disabilities, especially minors, to meet their social, relational, and occupational needs, inspired by Sophocles’ phrase ‘The most beautiful human work is to be of use to one’s neighbour’;


  • Art and Culture - ‘Vivere l’arte’ (experiencing art), dedicated to the creation of innovative paths and tools for access to Italy’s cultural heritage thanks to new technologies (museums, galleries and collections, monuments and monumental complexes, archaeological areas and parks), inspired by Virgil’s phrase ‘Let us improve life through science and art’;


  • Education and Scientific Research - ‘Vivere il talento’ (experiencing talent), to promote solutions for guiding young people and preventing unemployment and school drop-out (NEET phenomenon: Not in Education, Employment or Training), inspired by Seneca’s phrase ‘There is no such thing as luck: there is a moment when talent meets opportunity’.

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Rome, 8 April 2024

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