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From tomorrow, Telecom Italia is doubling the speed for mobile Internet access

Thank to the HSPA technology on the mobile network and the new internet key++, links from PCs up to 14.4 Megabits per second.

01/24/2010 - 10:26 AM

Tomorrow, the new Telecom Italia service is starting up to double the current connection speed for mobile Internet access, guaranteeing higher performance.

Thanks to the new 14.4 Internet Key, now on sale throughout Italy, and the HSPA technology on the mobile network, mobile web access will be available from PCs at a connection speed of up to 14.4 Megabits per second in the reception mode and up to 5.76 Megabits per second in the transmission mode.

This means that TIM customers will have Internet access with faster download and upload, providing improved quality for audio-video streaming and enabling users to undertake several operations at the same time, such as downloading e-mails and watching your favourite videos.

Telecom Italia has thus extended its range of solutions for mobile Internet, confirming its commitment to providing increasingly modern networks and technologically advanced services. In this respect, the world’s first pre-commercial trial of the new fourth generation ultra-broadband mobile infrastructure has recently started up in Turin; the system uses LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, designed to guarantee data transmission at speeds of up to 140 Mb/s.

The new TIM 14.4 Internet Key is compatible con Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS and Linux systems, and has a memory expandable up to 8GB by simply using a MicroSD Card. It can be activated with prepaid solutions or by subscription, according to customer requirements.

The prepaid formula enables customers to purchase the 14.4 Internet key for just 89 Euro and for the first 6 months to have 100 hours of monthly traffic with a 50% discount, at the cost of 10 Euro, rather than 20 Euro.

With the subscription formula you can choose between the solution offering 30 hours of web access for just 10 Euro (for 24 months), or the solution with 100 hours per month costing 20 Euro (for 24 months); in both cases, the Key is included with savings for the customer of 89 Euro.

Up to 7 February, the new 14.4 Internet Key will be available for trial at the Telecom Italia sales outlets at Linate and Fiumicino Airports.

Rome, 24 January 2010