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At the TOSM Telecom Italia presents new generation ICT solutions for companies and the civil service.

05/25/2010 - 01:00 PM

At the TOSM, Telecom Italia has presented the innovative solutions for Information & Communication Technology designed to optimise processes and increase the efficiency of the companies and branches of the civil service.

For the companies, in particular, Telecom Italia has presented advanced solutions for housing and hosting, dedicated and designed for the web, provided by the Telecom Data Centers, the new system for remote management of energy consumption TI Green and the solution for the electronic management and storage of documents MyDOCS. Loquendo, the Group company that is leader in voice recognition technologies, has presented the Virtual Assistant telephone exchange, equipped answering functions through a virtual operator, and the application allow the creation of an Avatar for interactive management of requests by visitors to a website.

For the healthcare sector, the remote assistance system MyDoctor@Home, for the remote monitoring of clinical parameters, and the experimental platform Medical Open for the collaboration and the management of requests for medical certificates and reservations are being presented. For the public sector there are the infomobility services of My Fleet and services for territorial management called Wireless Patrol. There is also an introduction to the Digital City with the description of the Smart Services solutions for the digitalising of territorial management processes, environmental safety, computerisation at school, automation of building and real time communication with people as they move.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services allow enterprises to utilise the necessary computer resources without having a dedicated in-house department and specialised know-how. The offer includes the following services: Location, enabling companies to locate their servers in specific facilities at the TI Data Centers; Housing, which besides the physical space for housing the servers owned by the clients, provide operative management services, access management, facility management and customer support; Hosting, enabling clients to lease their own server, physical or virtual, and to gain remote access to resources, utilizing the management and software services provided by the Data Center.  Specially designed solutions are also available, and can be customised according to customer requirements. The services proposed include suitable connectivity solutions, shared, and dedicated, to and from the Data Center itself, and additional Back-Up and Disaster Recovery solutions.

The Telecom Italia Data Center Services are available to any companies intending to outsource corporate services and processes, internal or for their final clients, and allow significant reductions in investments and management cost of the computer infrastructures.

TI Green

TI Green is a real time remote management system to monitor electricity consumption and the main environmental parameters, such as the temperature and humidity level, at industrial sites and offices, designed to help companies reduce their energy consumption. Thanks to a web interface, Energy efficiency and the environmental conditions of the sites covered can be monitored. On the basis of the data recorded, an analysis of abnormal situations or malfunctioning in the energy systems can be made, with real time planning of eventual measures for optimising the use of facilities. The installation of the monitoring system does not require special wiring, interruptions of power supply or the presence of specialised personnel, thus ensuring low costs for investment and installation. The monitoring system uses a self-configuring network of sensors/switches, based on the ZigBee standard guaranteeing maximum reliability and safety together with very low installation and management costs.


In order to respond to the need for dematerialisation, Telecom Italia presents the innovative solution for document management MyDOCS allowing the electronic management of documents and their storage. Provided with the “on demand” mode through the Telecom Italia Data Centers, it is designed to improve efficiency in the management and distribution of documents in their entire corporate lifecycle, to reduce time required for filing and to simplify the search and recovery of information. In particular, the solution ensures that all the documents are memorised in a centralised facility, made available at multiple workstations and displayed or modified only by authorised users. The service is also equipped with the innovative Olitouch device by Olivetti. This is a touch-screen station installed near the multi-function scanner and equipped with software allowing for the acquisition of printed documents, and to scan and index them by the assignment of keywords for easy recovery, to place digital signatures and finally to store them in the centralized archive.

Virtual Assistant

Loquendo presents Virtual Assistant, a “smart” telephone exchange allowing for the automation of the management of incoming calls through a Virtual Operator capable of interpreting user requests, transferring the call to the person or department requested. The Virtual Assistant services undertakes the tasks typical of a secretary, allowing for the management of the phone availability times of the person requested, call transfers to another number and the recording of a voice message by the caller, which will be sent to the e-mail of the persona required.

A demo is available for the Avatar application providing instruments to create in a website an Avatar designed to dialogue in natural language (written/spoken) with the visitors to the website and provide them with information.


This is the remote home assistance service enabling patients to measure their own clinical parameters directly from home and transmit them automatically to the hospital medical unit, on any data network available (ADSL, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, Wi-Fi, satellite). The system, wholly developed by Telecom Italia, consists of a technological platform and software to be installed on a smartphone or PC. The measurements are taken by portable electromedical devices equipped with a Bluetooth interface and automatically forwarded to the network platform via the mobile or the PC.  After authentication, the physicians can gain access to the platform through their own personal computer with an Internet connection, to check from a remote position the status of the treatment and at any time activate any corrective actions required, immediately sending a message to the patient. Similarly, the nursing personnel may, during their visits, send clinical information to the ward physician from the patient’s home, immediately receiving a diagnosis and rapid instruction, thus speeding up diagnostic and intervention time.

In Tilab, the Telecom Italia research labs, studies are under way on the possible evolution of this solution, based on the use of a network of sensors applied to the human body (body sensor network), designed to continuously monitor clinical parameters and transmit them to the platform.

Medical Open

In order to meet the new needs of personnel in General Medicine and primary treatment teams, and in relation to the optimisation of the relationship with patients, Telecom Italia has created an experimental platform with management functions of the processes for requests of certificates and reservation of visits and day treatment services.

Wireless Patrol

This is a suite of applications designed for police departments, to optimise the operative efficiency of personnel in the field and in the back office.  In particular, Wireless Patrol enables the management of fines by immediate filling in and printing of the notification or report, via handheld computer and printer. The service also provides tools for easy access to roadmaps, the description of the violations and the most common notes, as well as allowing for placing the signature directly on the handheld device. It is also designed for the on-line consultation of Automobile Registry data, the eventual photographic evidence of the violation, the plates of the cars involved in the violation and their association with GPS data in order to avoid subsequent appeals. The service can also be used for the collection and management of a series of information on the area that can be sent to headquarters for immediate intervention (for example, roads in poor condition, flooding, blockage of sewers) and other cultural and landscape information to manage in relation to requests by the public and tourists.


Telecom Italia presents the range of solutions for the Intelligent Transportation System MyFleet for optimising the management of local public transport fleets, goods transport and multi-service company fleets. In particular the MyFleet Public Transport solution can monitor the routes taken by public transport vehicles, detect the travel and parking time and provide useful information to drivers on the dedicated LCD display on board. The MyFleet Cargo Services solution allows for the optimisation of goods transport by lorry, making it easier to plan and perform deliveries thanks to driver recognition systems and geographical tracking of vehicle position. The service offers an analysis of the routes taken and the travel time and speed, and is designed to send messages, voice and text, to notify drivers about any critical situations or changes of programme. All the use GPS positioning and data transmission systems in GSM and GPRS mode, ensuring reliable real time communication between the devices on each lorry and the operational headquarters, and providing the maintenance and assistance facilities with the diagnosis of any malfunctioning of the lorries.

Turin, 25 may 2010


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