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At "Green City Energy", Telecom Italia presents its “Smart Town” services for the digital and environmentally sustainable city

At the international forum in , the innovative Telecom Italia services for the digitalising of local services management, including for the first time emergency calls from lamp-posts

07/01/2010 - 03:00 PM

At “Green City Energy”, the international forum in Pisa on new energies for the competitive and sustainable development of cities, Telecom Italia has presented its services for the digitalising of local services management, for central government and local authorities.

Also designed to be provided on an “on demand” basis, through The Telecom Italia Data Centers, the Smart Town services, developed in collaboration with the National Research Council - ISOF in Bologna, exploit the existing public lighting network and new generation transmission technologies for data transmission, without the need to lay new cables.

In particular, Telecom Italia has presented for the first time the prototype of the Smart Emergency service enabling the public passing nearby lamp-posts to activate an emergency call in case of difficulties, without the need to use a telephone device, by just pressing the special button on the lamp-post. The system, installed on lamp-posts for public lighting, enable users to send a call to the emergency centre which can locate the position in real time and promptly provide for intervention; the call goes through the public power lines connected with the Telecom Italia data network.

Among the other services developed to respond to security demands by the public, another service presented by Telecom Italia is Smart Surveillance, designed for the surveillance of remote areas by the use of video cameras installed on lamp-posts and connected to the public lighting network, without the need for physical posts. The data recorded I transmitted through the power lines to the electric cabin, connected in turn to the xDSL line and then, through the Telecom Italia data network, to the server provided for the video surveillance service of the Telecom Italia Smart Town platform. The service is designed to display and record the images in real time, using the existing public lighting network, without requiring the municipal authorities to lay new cables.

The Smart Advertising service is designed to optimise communication between the municipal authorities and the public. The service utilises electronic information panels, also connected to the public lighting network, and installed on the streets on lamp-posts. The service enables the municipal authorities to provide real time information to passers-by, with targeted updated and differentiated contents, according to the geographical location, the time slot and the public concerned. The service is provided through the Advertising management component of the platform, and can organise the contents to be broadcast. Users enter the Smart Town portal, insert the user ID and password, click on the panels located in the zones required and insert the contents, both text and multimedia. In real time, through the broadband connection and the public lighting network, the contents are made available on the panels. The Smart Advertising service may be used to broadcast targeted advertising messages, reports on traffic conditions, information of public relevance and “mobile guide” services for tourism.

For Internet connections via WiFi hot spots in open areas, Telecom Italia presents the Smart Communication service. This service involves the installation of WiFi access points on lamp-posts for public lighting, thus exploiting the existing power network for data transport through Power Line Communication (PLC) technology to the electric cabin where the xDSL line is connected.

With the services, Telecom Italia has further confirmed its commitment to the development of innovative Information & Communication Technology services, designed to improve peoples’ quality of life, to simplify administrative processes and increase the competiveness of the public sector and enterprises, to the benefit of the entire Italian system, and greater sustainability.

Rome, 1 July 2010


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