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Telecom Italia: a new service providing assistance to TIM customers is launched today on iphone

The new “119 Self Service”, the iPhone application that can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store through which information can be acquired regarding one’s own telephone line is released

07/12/2010 - 12:00 PM

As of today, TIM customers will find it even easier to obtain information on their telephone line.  In fact, Telecom Italia launches its “119 Self Service”, the new service for iPhones providing the main assistance services to consumers whilst on the go.  The application, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, allows access to the most important information concerning use and credit of one’s TIM line directly from the iPhone. 

Thanks to the “119 Self Service”, it is in fact possible to check the remaining credit on the rechargeable SIM card, or, for subscribing customers, check the existing two monthly balance that hasn’t yet been invoiced.  It is also possible to visualise information concerning one’s price plan, details of telephone traffic data (phone calls, SMS, MMS and data), active options on the chosen profile, any potential bonuses that haven’t yet been used and the SIM card’s expiry date. 

In order to use the application, it is sufficient to get on the internet through the Telecom Italia mobile network (connection costs vary according to individual tariff plans and any potential active options on the TIM line) or connect in WI-FI mode.

The number of functionalities available on the service will be increased over the next few months so as to make it even easier to manage the TIM telephone line and, following that, the service will also be available on other smartphones.

This initiative proves Telecom Italia’s commitment to improving the quality of service, also by introducing new ways of taking care of consumers so as to satisfy in a simple and intuitive way customers’ assistance requirements, by taking advantage of potentialities offered by mobile multimedia.

Rome, 12th July 2010


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