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Telecom Italia at the Festivaletteratura 2010 in Mantua with the new e-book store

Thanks to eight Telecom Italia workstations in Piazza Sordello, the public will be able to find out about the digital publishing new platform and try out the new generation e-readers.
The Telecom Italia space will also host ‘Tracce’, a series of free encounters on emerging literary and technological topics with live and on demand broadcasting on and

09/07/2010 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia, in line with is role in the dissemination of new technologies also through the support of cultural activities and events, is the main sponsor of the 14th edition of Festivaletteratura to be held in Mantua on 8 -12 September.

A Telecom Italia space has been set up in Piazza Sordello to host Tracce, the only series of free encounters in the Festival programme, to reflect on literary topics also in relation with emerging technologies.
Tracce involves 20 appointments, presented by Maurizio Matrone, each one dedicated to a different topic including dance, art, music, cuisine, love and society. For the first time, the Festivaletteratura will show the events by streaming, and all of Tracce can be followed live and on demand on and

The Telecom Italia in Piazza Sordello will also have eight technological workstations thanks to which the public can find out about the new Telecom Italia e-book store dedicated to digital publishing, created to contain all the literary and professional genres, as well as trying some new generation e-readers and tablets such as those produced by Sagem and Samsung.

Telecom Italia, in this initiative, aims to enable the distribution of digital contents, as a technological partner with the publishers, to whom the applications and services for the entire production line of the new market will be supplied.


The new integrated Telecom Italia platform is in designed to manage the end to end process, from the distribution to the payment of the e-books. The store is thus an important opportunity to allow us to build together with the publishers a new business model, completely different from those adopted in other countries, allowing the publishers ample autonomy in terms of commercial choices and price setting. The portal dedicated to digital publishing offers a safe and legal sales channel, designed to facilitate the process of consultation, selection, purchase, download and utilisation of the electronic cultural product, not only on PCs but also on new generation e-readers. For more information the publishers can consult the website


The customers of the digital library, after registering on the Telecom Italia portal, will be able to have access to their personal area and manage the titles which can be consulted at any time through the device or a PC. Different means of payment are provided for the purchase of e-books, such as credit card or direct charge on a TIM rechargeable SIM Card. The store will host e-books ePub and PDF format, protected by a Digital Rights Management (DRM), thus allowing publishers the direct management and administration of the digital rights for the titles published.


Electronic books can be purchased and displayed on various models of e-readers, or Personal Computers, thanks to a pre-installed software application, or downloaded free from the Telecom Italia e-book Store. In this phase, tests have started on some models of e-book readers equipped for WiFi links to utilised the services. The models marketed in the future will be available with 3G mobile connectivity and the link with the e-book store and the download of digital contents in 3G mode will be free of charge.

Wednesday 8 September

- 19.00 Meeting the challenge of schizophrenia
Over 30 years after its enactment, the Basaglia Law is explained by psychiatrist Peppe Dell’Acqua and children’s writer Luciano Comida (Fuori come va).

- 21.00 Notes on the American West
Wide open spaces populated by a few extravagant personalities – including some writers - by unspoilt nature, by both good and frightening legends. Thomas McGuane tells us about life in Montana and in the West in general.

Thursday 9 September

- 12.30 There is always some reason
Dialogues, games and memories on the texts and language of Italian songs, conducted by Giuseppe Antonelli (Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone).

- 15.30 Italy, a love
Her works of art, music, landscape: do we still manage to fascinate foreigners thanks to all this? According to Ángeles Caso, there is a beauty in Italy that goes beyond the stereotypes.

- 17.30 The version of water
Neapolitan arias and flowing jazz and neomelodic arrangements, Neapolitan romances and recitatives: the melancholy Mariasole takes shape from the words and music of Luigi Romolo Carrino.

- 20.45 Treasure Island
According to Jonathan Stroud, Stevenson wrote the greatest adventure book of all times: an unsurpassed mixture of suspense and action, which also challenge our moral certitudes.

Friday 10 September

- 10.30 One thousand five hundred readers
According to Enzo Forcella, this was the number of readers of the political columns in the newspapers in 1959. A public of MPs, trade unionists, industria¬lists and nobody else. Was this healthy journalism? And today - wonders Piero Dorfles – has the situation changed?

- 12.30 The decline of paper books
Are paper books on the way out? Francesco Cataluccio describes some future scenarios for the way we read, and the fate of authors (Scongiurando l’Apocalisse).

- 15.30 The Airship Italia and the tragedy of the red tent
“The attraction of the polar regions, for anyone who has been there once, is irresisti¬ble.” The words and the unfortunate adventures of Umberto Nobile, as told by Franco Brevini (La sfinge dei ghiacci).

- 17.30 Cooking lesson number zero
We have to understand that for Fabio Picchi “knowing how to sauté, how to prepare tomatoes, is like moving a lever that slowly but constantly leads us towards a better world.”

- 21.00 The art of Chandralekha
“I have experienced dance as a language of the senses‚ beauty and essential freedom; a language of coordination as it were, against alie¬nation; a movement towards human essence‚ lymph‚ vitality‚ rasa”. The story of the great Indian choreographer by her pupil Tishani Doshi.

Saturday 11 September

- 10.30 On love for books
The instruments of the bibliophile; Collecting antique, rare, precious books; The Bestiary of the Bibliophile: Hans Tuzzi tells the Festival readers about the world of book collecting.

- 12.30 The words of genetics and of literature
We talk about literature using metaphors borrowed from all the science and technologies: and why not from genetics? Reading a text like a mutant entity: this is the aim of Francesco Recami. From mimetics to viral marketing, proof correction.

- 15.30 From woman to woman: female biographies
A woman (Bianca Pitzorno) tells about another woman (Eleonora d’Arborea): what brings them sol close seven centuries later?

- 17.30 Dark passengers
In noir and thriller novels, madness is often the travelling companion of brilliant detectives and serial killers. For writers and readers, however, it is also an extraordinary chance to turn common sense upside down and discover realty with different eyes. We will discuss this with Sandrone Dazieri.

- 21.00 For a digital reading philosophy
Was the real revolution Aristotle’s, the first man to read silently and reflectively in an age when all literature was read out loud? Is the e-book a true revolution in reading? Armando Massarenti discusses this.

Sunday 12 September

- 10.30 Enological literature
Images of ripe bunches of grapes at the end of simmer, humid smells of barrels and follies of uncontrolled drunkenness. In the wine cellar with Paul Torday (L’irresistibile eredità di Wilberforce).

- 12.30 From a real story
Experiencing pain and recognising oneself in the pain of others, living and narrating to create a relationship. This is what Francesco Abate and Saverio Mastrofranco, alias Valerio Mastandrea, did together (Chiedo scusa).

- 15.00 Tomorrow’s books: turning the page to technology
How will books and technology interact in the coming year? What will the impact of books, reading and technologies be in the emerging markets and the developing countries? Mark Grimes, founder of, explains this.

- 17.30 A love born in Sarajevo
Maša is a wild, fascinating woman. Max falls in love with her right away but has to leave. What is left is a love song, telling about three years of waiting. A ballad read (and written) by Paolo Rumiz (La cotogna di Istanbul).