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In Catania, Telecom Italia presents the new integrated model for ICT services for the Civil Service and Enterprises

The new solutions, with their high technological content and the capacity to optimise performance and costs, are available in the Cloud Computing mode through the and the use of broadband

09/21/2010 - 02:00 PM

Today in Catania, Telecom Italia has presented the new integrated model of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) designed for Enterprises and the Civil Service, to increase efficiency and productivity by exploiting the transmission capability of broadband, the technological skills and the Group Data Centers.

In particular, Telecom Italia offers a wide range of advanced infrastructural computer solutions, platforms for the document management and for the optimisation of energy consumption, innovative applications for the digitalisation of local government processes, environmental safety, the computerisation of schools, the automation of buildings and real time communication with the public in movement. Products also include integrated solutions for entertainment and the remote teaching in hospitals, for support to the activities of medical personnel and new generation remote health care services.

Available through the Telecom Italia Data Centers, ICT services provided through Cloud Computing and “pay to use” involve highly innovative contents and the capacity to optimise performance and costs in order favour the business growth of companies and make them more competitive.

The new ICT services enable enterprises and the central and local Civil Service to have top level technological performance without requiring them to have their own dedicated infrastructure and specialised know-how. In particular, the Data Centers can guarantee the management and processing of data of a number of customers who, through broadband link, can request the applications according to their needs. The further implementation in the ICT solutions ICT with Cloud Computing logic, thanks to the sue of the most innovative virtual technology, will enable enterprises to gain remote access to hardware and software resources available through the Data Centers, to use them in a flexible manner and benefit from the greater reliability of their own computer systems and significant savings in equipment, the maintenance and management of these systems.

In particular, the Data Centers Services solution enables companies to utilise the necessary computer resources through the following solutions: Location, enabling companies to locate their servers in special structures at the TI Data Centers; Housing, which besides the physical space to house the servers owned by customers, offers operational management services, access management, facility management and customer support; Hosting, which enables customers al to lease their own server, physical o virtual, and to have remote access to resources, utilising management and software services provided by the Data Centers. The services proposed can be customised according to customer needs have suitable solutions of connectivity, both shared and dedicated, to and from the Data Centers, and additional Back-Up and Disaster Recovery solutions.

For le companies, there is also TI Green, real time remote management in system for electricity consumption and the main environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity levels, for industrial sites and offices. Thanks to a web interface, the solution is designed to monitor energy efficiency and environmental conditions of the sites monitored through a network of automatically configured sensors/switches with low installation and management costs.

The proposal for companies also includes document management solutions: MyDOCS, for example, is designed for the electronic management of documents and their storage. It thus allows greater efficiency in the management and distribution of documents over their entire corporate lifecycle, the reduction of filing times and simplification of search and recovery of information.

For the Civil Service, Telecom Italia presents the Smart Services, including the services for smart local management which exploits the public lighting system and new generation transmission technology for data transmission, without the need to install new cables.

Through the Smart Advertising, service with its electronic information panels installed in the street near lamp-posts, the municipal administrations can provide the public with real time information on traffic, information of public use and “mobility guide” services for tourism.  Access to the Smart Town portal, after authentication, operators can click on the panel located in the required zones and insert the contents which appear on the panels in real time through the broadband link and the public lighting network.

In order to respond to the public need for security, the Smart Surveillance service allows for the surveillance remote areas by the use of video cameras installed on the lamp-posts. The service is designed for real time display and recording of images using the existing public lighting system, without the need for the authorities to install new cables.

Building management is provided by Smart Building, the innovative solution allowing the checking of all the plant in buildings such as lighting, video surveillance and alarm systems. The service is based on the use of the existing electric network to which the sensors and switches are connected to communicate with the management platform, installed at the Telecom Italia Data Centers.

The computerisation of schools is through Smart School, the innovative service consisting of PCs for the students, interactive blackboards connected with the PCs, webcams and microphone to enable video conferencing, and the client enabling the students to follow and the lessons in the classroom from a remote position and to interact with the class.

The designed for hospitals, is a single platform, providing entertainment and remote teaching services with the management of clinical data;  the first one accessed by the patients and the others by medical personnel through a touchscreen terminal installed on the bed.

For the healthcare sector, Telecom Italia has developed the service of remote home assistance called MyDoctor@Home enabling patients to measure their clinical parameters directly at home with automatic transmission to the hospital medical unit on any data network available (ADSL, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS, Wi-Fi, satellite), from a mobile phone or PC. Finally, there is the Medical Open system, an experimental platform for collaboration and booking of services, for the support to the activities of personnel in General Medicine and primary treatment groups.

With this initiative, Telecom Italia has confirmed its commitment to the development and national dissemination of innovative services based on Information & Communication Technology and on broadband telecommunications networks for the public and enterprises.

Catania, 21 September 2010


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