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Telecom Italia’s 187 and 119 services win the CMMC 2011 Customer Care award

The 187 service was award the title for the best innovative project, while the quality and efficiency of the 119 service were recognized with the best “Customer Service Manager” award.

01/22/2011 - 02:00 PM

Telecom Italia achieved two prestigious results at the 2011 edition of the Customer Management Multimedia Competence (CMMC) awards; the first result was for the best innovative project implemented to the upgraded 187 Contact Centre for landline services, the second award was presented to the “Customer Service Manager” for the excellent results in quality and efficiency obtained by the TIM 119 Client Service.

The CMMC award is intended for all the operators who have distinguished by significant service innovation of their clientele management.

The prize awarded to 187, which was accepted by Service Manager Gianfranco Sità, was presented for the creation of an innovative model for the management of landline consumer clients, which focuses on the appreciation of the client and the creation of a mutually satisfactory relationship. This new model uses a state-of-the-art technological platform which has allowed the achievement of brilliant results in service efficiency, sales results, satisfaction and the promotion of customer loyalty. The sum of these actions has considerably reduced the client churn rate in 2010, doubled the sales redemption and brought customer satisfaction to service levels approaching excellence.

The other prize awarded to Telecom Italia, rewards the brilliant results in quality and efficiency obtained by TIM’s 119 Client Service. The award dedicated to the “Client Service Manager” was conferred to Leonardo Mangiavacchi.  Over the course of 2010 TIM’s 119 Service was consulted by 17 million individual clients who produced 85 million contacts, whilst there were 90 million hits on the website. In over 70% of calls the client’s problem was resolved on first enquiry, meaning that they were one call solutions, and average time required per call was under 20 seconds.

In order to offer clients an efficient self-caring opportunity Telecom Italia has developed an innovative automatic telephonic services platform and web portals which permit clients to access 119 online from their personal computer, telephone, Smartphone or tablet.

As the national winning company Telecom Italia will take part in the European Confederation of Contact Centre Organizations (ECCCO) international awards, which will be presented on 21 February.

Rome, 22  January 2011



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