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Telecom Italia launches “Smarty”, the multimedia SIM Card, at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress

The Smarty SIM card allows the use of services and applications in an easy and intuitive way, which are presented like on a website thanks to the simple graphical icons.

02/13/2011 - 01:00 PM

Telecom Italia will introduce the new innovative SIM multimedia Card at the 2011 Mobile World Congress which will start tomorrow in Barcelona. The SIM card has more than 1 megabyte of memory and allows the use of SIM card services and applications in an easy and intuitive way, as simple as surfing the web thanks to the graphical icons.

TIM’s new SIM Card’s primary characteristic is that it offers not only text content but also multimedia content, remotely updatable; allowing the transfer of all personalized and visualized content to any other phone or Smartphone equipped with the same technology. The SIM card contains customizable content which can be accessed with a simple “click”: from basic information, like remaining credit, voicemail, top-up and the PayForMe reverse charge service, as well as entertainment and information services like news, horoscopes, and WAP content with direct links to the TIM mobile web portal.

“Smarty” utilizes the new innovative Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) technology – the standard defined by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) – and it is equipped with a web server which allows the visualization of the SIM’s content and the applications in a similar way to which Web pages are visualized in a normal telephone web browser. This way TIM clients have access to a wide array of services which can be accessed through the menu saved on the SIM card, through web pages which make full use of the phone’s browser capacity.

The first product from the TIM catalogue which will be available with the new SIM Card is the Nokia C3-00.

It will be possible try out the new product at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress at Telecom Italia’s partner’s, Movenda, stand. Movenda is specialized in the development of innovative software products for remote SIM Card and terminal management. With it’s OTA (over the air) platforms Movenda supports mobile phone operators in adopting new technologies and services for SIM Cards (SIM Card OTA management, Smart card Web Server management, Dynamic Remote Activation) and state-of-the-art terminals.

Rome, 13 February 2011


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