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Telecom Italia: artistic images on the streets cabinets in Varese

Telecom Italia has changed the look of 16 line distribution cabins in the city centre of , putting the most beautiful images of the city: The Estensi Gardens, the Lido della Schiranna, the Via Sacra, the Bernascone bell tower, Villa Mylius and Villa Toeplitz.

02/18/2011 - 04:00 PM

Telecom Italia has changed the look of the street cabinets in the city centre, placing photographic panels showing the city’s most famous monument and most charming views.

The images showing various views of the Lido della Schiranna, the Via Sacra, the Bernascone bell tower, as well as Villa Mylius and Villa Toeplitz, the Sant’Antonino Cloisters, the Estensi Gardents, Villa Mirabello and the Velate Tower, will decorate the doors of the Telecom Italia line distribution cabins located on the pavement for connecting customer homes with the local telephone exchanges.The artistic images will be placed on the distribution cabins already equipped with new generation doors and innovative security locks to stop any vandalism. 

The 16 distribution cabins in the city centre have thus been actively included in the local social context, becoming a factor of urban décor and a new point of observation of the city, for residents and tourists.

The Mayor of Varese, Attilio Fontana, said: “This is an original measure embellishing our city; urban décor is important for highlighting squares, corners and locations in . The initiative undertaken by Telecom Italia is another “tool” in this direction.”

The Telecom Italia initiative, undertaken jointly with the municipal authorities, and involves Italy’s major  artistic cities including Rome, Turin, Naples, Palermo, Florence, Cagliari and Verona with a total of over 300 cabinet doors throughout the country.

Varese, 18 February 2011


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