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FS-Telecom Italia: Free Wi-Fi on the Frecciarossa trains until 31 March

Extension of the promotion to use the Internet on the high speed line between Turin - Naples

02/26/2011 - 01:00 PM

There will be free Wi-Fi on the Frecciarossa until 31 March. Ferrovie dello Stato and Telecom Italia have announced the extension for another month of the promotion enabling passengers to have access free of charge on trains. The aim is to enable an increasingly large number of passengers on the - high speed line to try the innovative service and the potentials of the Wi-Fi connection.

In order to use the Wi-Fi service free of charge, users just need to access the portal and enter their mobile phone number to receive via SMS the credentials to be used for Internet access. Furthermore, those without an Italian mobile phone can request credentials by registration in the portal, at the symbolic cost of 1 cent, debited to the user’s credit card.

The joint efforts made by the FS Group and Telecom Italia have led to a definite improvement of communication services on board the Frecciarossa trains, which besides the mobile phone service includes the availability of mobile data connections using a key and Wi-Fi for Internet use, and which will soon allow access to a range of high quality contents resident on board the trains. In order to achieve this objective, the entire fleet of 60 Frecciarossa trains has been equipped with systems for UMTS radio signal amplification and Wi-Fi access points in every carriage. Furthermore, thanks to the installation of 74 new nodes for 3G connectivity, with network coverage and capacity along the approximately 1,000 km of high speed lines, which include 82 tunnels.

Rome, 26 February 2011


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