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Telecom Italia: on Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato's Green Train with new technological solutions for environmental sustainability

From ecological homes to offices, from intelligent city models to computerized platforms for schools and social inclusion in hospitals: Telecom Italia has devoted all itself to reducing Energy consumption and CO2 levels on the Green Train.

03/10/2011 - 04:00 PM

For the second time Telecom Italia is participating in the Green Train project run by Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato, thereby reaffirming the company’s efforts in sustainable development and protecting the environment.
The company has designed and created technological solutions and platforms dedicated to the family, small and medium sized enterprises, public administration and citizens, capable of reducing energy consumption and the levels of CO2 produced.
A large space on the Green train has been set aside for ecological homes and offices. In the third carriage visitors will be able to discover all the latest innovations initiated by Telecom Italia and the solutions already available on the market: from Green@Home, which allows intelligent home appliances to regulate themselves thereby avoiding surcharges and waste of energy, to Collabor@, which allows the organization and carrying out of web meetings and share documents with one’s office, from home or on the go: another solution is Ospit@Virtuale, the Cloud Computing created specifically for small and medium sized enterprises which allows the user to access their applications and data remotely through technology which reduces energy consumption, and finally Biblet, the TIM eReader, created to allow clients to read digital books, thereby bypassing the need for paper copies.

Marco Patuano, Telecom Italia’s director of the domestic market operations declared that “We are proud to be a part of this important initiative for the second year. Our company has been involved in battling climate change, by reducing its own carbon emissions and offering “green” products and services to its clients. Telecom Italia continues its involvement in the development of Information Communication Technology, with the aim of reducing the need for people and things, to travel by providing a better alternative.”

Telecom Italia is also present in the first carriage of the Green Train, where it is promoting its intelligent city model and ways to improve the efficiency of Public Administration. For this purpose the Smart Services have been developed, new services for remotely controlling street illumination, video surveillance, communication with the citizens and the management of tourist and traffic information, as well as advanced solutions intended to optimize building management, computerization of schools and social inclusion in hospitals. These services enhance the infrastructural elements already in existence, such as public lighting installations, utilizing non invasive connection technologies.


  • Green@Home is the innovative solution developed by Telecom Italia and Indesit Company, which allows the optimization of electricity consumption in the home, using energy as efficiently as possible over the day. The project, which is currently being tested, uses an evolved domestic gateway and ZigBee technology for the exchange of information with the electrical socket and the electrical appliance, wirelessly. The user will be able to control his domestic appliances from his computer, palm pilot or tablet, determine the Energy used by every appliance and disconnect those left on stand-by or not essential to the running of the house when the energy levels get too high. In the carriage it will be possible see how the electrical appliances can cooperate in an intelligent way thanks to high speed internet and the future electrical distribution networks, the “Smart Grid”. For example the washing machine and oven will be able to communicate with the other appliances in order to balance Energy consumption and permitting a more efficient starting schedule. Whilst the fridge will be able to change its consumption pattern based on the peak moments or lulls, without losing in performance.

  • Collabor@ by Impresa Semplice is the new service for small and medium sized enterprises which allows the scheduling of meetings and sharing of documents in the office real time, from home or on the go. Collabor@ is an application which allows the running of meetings and online collaboration of a high number of people (up to 25) from PCs and Smartphones, over the Internet, and audio conferences from landlines and mobiles. The service allows companies to reduce the amount and the deriving costs of travel, with clear benefits in terms of professional efficiency, quality of life and environmental sustainability.

  • Ospit@Virtuale by Impresa Semplice is a Cloud Computing service created for small and medium sized enterprises which allows access to the company’s virtual server through a web interface from any PC equipped with a broadband Internet connection, guaranteeing access to the company’s data and I.T. solutions, even when on the move, easily, safely and protected according to the highest international levels. Ospit@Virtuale allows companies to utilize the most advanced software and operating systems without the need for a significant initial investment in buying and installing the equipment. The Ospit@ Virtuale suite is part of the “Italian Cloud” offer, based on the Telecom Italia Data Centre infrastructure, and it is capable of offering great calculation ability, minimizing energy consumption and the emission of CO2 and damage to the environment.

  • Biblet is TIM’s eReader, which allows users to read thousands of books without the need for paper and ink. Thanks to the e-paper technology adopted, the service offers users the comfort of reading traditional paper books, even under the sun. Furthermore Biblet allows access to the books available on Telecom Italia’s Biblet Store (, the first Italian platform dedicated to the distribution of eBooks, which hosts 7,000 titles, from 143 publishers. The aim of the project is to make digital publishing available to as many Italian publishers as possible and to help this industry develop in Italy.

Rome, 10 March 2011


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