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PappanoinWeb: more than a million user hits on the first day

More than a million user hits on the first day of the initiative promoted by the Santa Cecilia Academy and Telecom Italia

The second concert in streaming is set for Wednesday 16 March at 20.30

03/15/2011 - 05:00 PM

The second concert in the PappanoinWeb cycle is set for Wednesday 16 March, at 20.30. The PappanoinWeb is a series of three appointments, promoted by the Santa Cecilia National Academy and Telecom Italia, dedicated to those who wish to discover great music “told” live, through the explanations of the various concert preparation phases, interviews, videos and behind the scenes, everything right up to the final performance, and all of it free to access by simply going to

The first appointment, which saw Pappano involved on the orchestra podium of the Santa Cecilia National academy as he conducted the Aida symphony by Verdi, the symphony “Titan” number 1 in D major by Gustav Mahler and piano and orchestra concert number 1 in E flat by Franz Liszt, which was a huge success. From the tenth of March till today, the web portal registered over a million hits, of which over 500,000 during the live streaming broadcast of the concert on March 14, with an average stay online of over three quarters of an hour. Moreover the possibility of interacting with a young music expert in real time, who answered questions relating to the performance and other queries through a purpose made live blog, was a huge success. The concert is freely available, as are all the series’ instalments, to the public through on demand streaming for the rest of this year.

For the second appointment Antonio Pappano, who is also known for his talent on the piano, will be joined by Luigi Piovano (from 20.30 in the Sinopoli Hall), the Santa Cecilia Orchestra’s first soloist cello. The two musicians will interpret scores ranging from the eighteenth century Sonata op. 7 n. 6 by Giovanni Battista Cirri, to the classic Beethoven Sonata op. 5 n. 2, and the late romantic Martucci (Two Romances op. 72) ending with the romantic par excellence Brahms Sonata n. 1 op. 38.

The third and final instalment of the series is set for September 16, and shall see Antonio Pappano once more on the Santa Cecilia Orchestra’s podium to conduct the Capriccio Sinfonico, one of Giacomo Puccini’s early works which the composer from Lucca later revisited in his Bohème, as well as one of Rachmaninoff’s most loved concerts, the Concert number 2 in C for piano and orchestra work 18, entrusted to the virtuoso hands of pianist Denis Matsuev, who is an extraordinary interpreter of the Russian musician. The concert will be completed by the grandiose number 6 symphony “Patetica” in B minor work 74 by Pëtr Il’ič Čajkovskij.

Luigi Piovano

Luigi Piovano is the first Soloist Cello of the Santa Cecilia National academy’s symphonic orchestra and since 2007, first guest soloist cello for the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Piovano graduated in cello at the age of 17. He is the bursar for the "International Menuhin Music Academy" of Gstaad and a member of the "Camerata Lysy" and he performed, as a soloist, under the conduction of Yehudi Menuhin. He graduated in cello and chamber music at the European Conservatory in Paris and has received awards in many international competitions. In 1999 he participated in the Gstaad “Festival Menuhin” and he debuted in the Salzburg Festival during the “Pollini Project” with which he performed in 2001 at the Carnegie Hall in New York, in Tokyo in 2002 and the Santa Cecilia Academy of Rome in 2003. He has held musical concerts with Wolfgang Sawallisch, Antonio Pappano, Myung-Whun Chung, Alexander Lonquich, Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Michel Dalberto, Katia and Marielle Labeque. Whilst with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra he performed the role of solo cello in the Hayden in C major conducted by Myung-Whun Chung and the Dvoràk cello concert under the conduction of Plietnev. Since 2002 he has been the Artistic Conductor and the conductor of the Campania Orchestra Chamber, and has conducted the orchestra in important performances in Italy and abroad, performing a wide repertory (from the Baroque to Beethoven, and even contemporary music)  and has received unanimous praise from audiences and critics. As the conductor he has collaborated with soloists like Francois Joel Thiollier, Michele Campanella, Laura De Fusco, Sara Mingardo, Gemma Bertagnolli, and Francesco Manara whilst when performing as solo cello he left the conduction of the orchestra to guest conductors such as Myung-Whun Chung and Antonio Pappano.  With the Campania Chamber Orchestra he has recorded the entire collection of Paisiello piano and orchestra concerts (with Francesco Nicolosi on piano), the collection will soon be published by the Naxos label, and they will record Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in May, with Grazia Raimondi as soloist, ed. Artemide.

Wednesday 16 March 2011 at 20.30

Park of Music Auditorium – Sinopoli Hall


Luigi Piovano violoncello

Antonio Pappano piano


Cirri Sonata op. 7 n. 6

Beethoven Sonata op. 5 n. 2

Martucci Two Romances op. 72

Brahms Sonata n. 1 op. 38

Tickets are available from € 18 to € 33,
Info 068082058


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